The winner for who should be famous is…

hey guys!heres the winer for who should be famous is… Bttf2! i know i won a poll again and secont place is Redpen112 and Last Is all of them! Well heres a new poll!

About Bttf2

I am a blogger and a fun and funny penguin on club penguin. I wish i could be famous and rare but when i say i rare when im dressed rare penguins lie and say no. My other penguins testers are a14171 Chungpoww301 and Bundles0428. I am Bttf2 on clubpenguin. I love clubpenguin and blogging i wish i could be famous like rockhopper. My favorite famous penguin is rockhopper. I have chrisdog on my buddie list. I am very funny! I wonder about if item sender is real or not but some day i will find out! -Bttf2

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  1. Post this on 3 pages or posts on this site and then log on to club penguin and press F1 and F2 at the same time log off of club penguin then press F3 and F4 and log on to club penguin again then take off all your clothes and say ban me for cheating on club penguin then you will get banned then log on you wont be banned then log on to Bttf2’s favorite server sleet and be nice now type in the chat box RAINBOW PUFFLE! and you will get the following 1000 rainbow puffles a choice from the treasure book and 9000000000000000000 coins!

  2. Club Penguin ITEM LOSS GLITCH! I have posted my official video on the whole story, click my name for details.


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