Clubpenguin 6 Month Membership Card Contest Coming Soon!!

Hey Guys Im Gonna Do A Club Penguin 6 Month Membership Contest! After Christmas. 😦 I Know But I Can’t Get Anything Untill After Christmas. But Heres The Form To Sign Up Early!

Heres How It Goes. I Have A Basket And When You Enter I Look At My Feedback And When I See Your Penguin Name. I Write It Down And Then Put It In The Basket. Then When The Day Comes That I Pick The Penguin Name And I See Your Email. So That Penguin Will Get A Email That They Won Along With The Membership Code! Imagine Winning A 6 Month Membership For Club Penguin? Note: You Don’t Need To Pay If U Get A Membership Card!
Then Sign Up!

About Bttf2

I am a blogger and a fun and funny penguin on club penguin. I wish i could be famous and rare but when i say i rare when im dressed rare penguins lie and say no. My other penguins testers are a14171 Chungpoww301 and Bundles0428. I am Bttf2 on clubpenguin. I love clubpenguin and blogging i wish i could be famous like rockhopper. My favorite famous penguin is rockhopper. I have chrisdog on my buddie list. I am very funny! I wonder about if item sender is real or not but some day i will find out! -Bttf2

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  1. When ever i press submit, It says error did not put graphic name? I filled out everything though


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