Bttf2’s Birthday!

Hey guys my birthdays coming up(April 1st) yep I know its TODAY BOO YEAH IM 9!!!!!!!!! 🙂 So I wanna have my 9th birthday party!! So if your thinking your gonna come to my house your not! So heres the party date!
Where? Sleet,Iceberg
When? Sunday April 1st
Time: 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM EST(Please feedback us if it is a diffrent time zone!)
So I know I lied im not 12 but hey its okay! Well lets do it!

About Bttf2

I am a blogger and a fun and funny penguin on club penguin. I wish i could be famous and rare but when i say i rare when im dressed rare penguins lie and say no. My other penguins testers are a14171 Chungpoww301 and Bundles0428. I am Bttf2 on clubpenguin. I love clubpenguin and blogging i wish i could be famous like rockhopper. My favorite famous penguin is rockhopper. I have chrisdog on my buddie list. I am very funny! I wonder about if item sender is real or not but some day i will find out! -Bttf2

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  1. Did I miss it!?! Sorry, Anyway will u please check out my site, I made it with your inspiration, thankyou, you are awesome, happy 12th birthday!

  2. You are 9? Really? Wow! That is really Impressive! This site for a nine year old! JUST WOW!

  3. Cool Blog, I’ve added it into my feed! Keep up the stellar work!


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